The Supporting Children’s Health website has been developed by Education for Health. Education for Health is a global charity providing continuing education and professional development for health care professionals and others, who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in diagnosing, managing and treating long term medical conditions.

We would like to acknowledge the following people for their input into the development of the resource and thank them for their support:

  • Amy Barnes, Teacher, Buckinghamshire
  • Chris Rumney, Lead Nurse, Birmingham Medical Needs in Schools Service
  • Debby Waddell, Clinical Lead, Asthma UK
  • Hollie O’Sullivan, Teacher, Birmingham
  • Jackie Musgrave, Senior Lecturer in Early Years Education, University of Worcester
  • Jane Whatmore, Paediatric Respiratory Nurse Specialist, Teeside
  • Julie Broughton, Asthma Lead School Nurse, St. Helens, Merseyside
  • Kim Douglas BEM, Parent and Charity Founder, George Coller Memorial Fund
  • Keith Brookes, George Coller Memorial Fund
  • Kirsten Ellmore, School Nurse, Shropshire
  • Lynette Williams, Respiratory and Allergy Nurse Specialist for Children, Shropshire
  • Rae Probyn, Parent
  • Samantha Pearce, Paediatric Asthma Nurse Specialist, Dudley
  • Sarah Freeth, George Coller Asthma Nurse, Walsall
  • Sarah Yeomans, Head Teacher, Staffordshire
  • Rebecca Bryson, Paediatric Respiratory Nurse Specialist