George Coller, 10th January 1993 – 3rd April 1996

This resource is made possible as a result of us working with ‘The George Coller Memorial Fund’.

The George Coller Memorial Fund

The George Coller Memorial Fund (GCMF) is a registered children’s charity which was launched in the year 2000 with the aim of raising awareness of Asthma and improving healthcare provision for all children suffering with the condition.

Kim Douglas BEM, founder of The George Coller Memorial Fund:

“I set up the charity with the help of a wonderful bunch of enthusiastic people [the trustees] in memory of my son who tragically lost his battle to Asthma and passed away at the age of three and a half years old.

His death was a needless tragedy and one that with adequate understanding of the condition and satisfactory healthcare could have easily been avoided. As I tried to come to terms with my son’s death and researched the issue of asthma in greater detail it became clear that something had to be done.

My main aims were to prevent other families suffering as mine had done with this terrible and highly prevalent condition.

We have a Charity mascot an 8 foot yellow dinosaur called the George-O-Saurus who works very hard on behalf of children with Asthma.

He was brought to life with George’s favourite things in mind, dinosaurs, the colour yellow and red wellington boots for splashing in puddles!

To date our achievements have been many, from providing hospital equipment, asthma training in schools for nurses, teachers and parents, to having our very own George Coller Asthma nurses who are based in various hospitals, doing a fantastic job saving children’s lives on a daily basis, a wonderful legacy to my son’s memory.

Now we have this incredible opportunity to work alongside Education for Health and be in a position to be able to fund this wonderful resource FREE of charge to you.

We hope you will find it very valuable and useful for all the children affected by asthma in your care.

If your school or organisation would like to hold a fundraising event for our charity to help us to continue with our vital work, an ideal opportunity might be on world Asthma day, which falls on the first Tuesday in May every year; perhaps you could have a wear the colour yellow day in honour of our George-O-Saurus!!!

Or you can do whatever you like; if you do decide to help us we would be so very grateful for it.

Thank you